Breast Cancer Institute

Your Partner in Breast Care

Cancer Institute of America is a breast cancer institute focused on the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. We have created a technologically advanced center where breast cancer patients can receive the personalized care and medical procedures they need. By choosing our breast cancer institute, you get to work with a highly experienced team of professionals whose main priority is and will always be your health and overall wellbeing.

Dr. Cristiano Boneti

The Founder of Cancer Institute of America

Dr. Cristiano Boneti, MD, FACS has dedicated his entire career to breast cancer patients. He offers a total of 18 years of medical training, including board certification in Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, and Fellowship training in diseases of the breast. He also trained with national and international authorities in the field, giants in the field of breast cancer such as Dr. Suzanne Klimberg, and the nationally and internationally recognized Dr. Luis Vasconez, who have all been mentors and have transferred their knowledge to Dr. Boneti during his training.


It was based on the knowledge acquired from these surgeons who lead the respective specialties of breast oncology and plastic surgery into the current state of breast care that Dr. Boneti personified the best of both specialties in a single and talented surgeon.

Dr. Cristiano Boneti

This combination culminated in one of the busiest breast practices in Miami while working at the Sylvester Cancer Center as an assistant professor for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

With the intention to serve the Los Angeles public, he established the Cancer Institute of America in April 2018. Partnering with Prime Health, he brings to this community revolutionary and innovative techniques to deliver superior results and patient outcomes.